The basic requirements for joining Writing Lab as a Mentee are as follows:


  • Having an ongoing project or obtained results related to the educational innovation.
  • Strong communication skills and a high degree of commitment to the publication process and scheduled sessions with the Mentor.
  • Strong organizational skills and ethics in research and publication.

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Expected responsibilities


  • Expanding a network of national and international collaborators.
  • Evaluating existing status of the work as well as upgrading and adapting to new trends for continuous insurance of efficiency in interaction with the Mentee.
  • Supporting the Mentee in the process of academic production.
  • Working with different stakeholders and building confidence in the Mentee.


Basic Qualifications


  • Master’s or Doctorate degree.
  • Substantial academic publication record (having SNI status is highly desirable)
  • High level of English and/or Spanish proficiency
  • Acceptable level of academic writing skills


Additional Qualifications


Attributes of a successful Mentor is someone who:

  • Enjoys and excels at providing high quality support to the Mentee.
  • Exhibits strong organizational and event management skills.
  • Is resourceful, approachable, and respectful.

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